6 Steps To Convert Leads To Sales

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Generating leads can be difficult. But when you finally get them, how do you convert leads to sales?

So when a lead signs up under you… Now what?

Here’s the important part of your business – you are expected to become a leader and build your team.

There is a disconnect between building a home business and building a brick and mortar business like Starbucks or McDonald’s, etc.: It’s actually the same.

Whether you realize it or not – with your $25 investment – you are building a business.

So what do you do next? Here are some other nuggets that will help you convert leads to sales:

convert leads to sales

1. Establish Rapport

– You can do this by finding out where they live.  You can do that if you have their phone number.  The area code will give you an idea.
– You can also try to find them on Facebook through the email that they use.
– By having some background about them, you can establish rapport right from the start with your team member that you will be working with.

2. Be an active listener

To do this, you generally just repeat/rephrase what your member has said on what you think their needs are so that you know that you are understanding them correctly.

Some phrases that you can use are:

“So it sounds to me like…”

“So if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re currently not getting…”

“So in a perfect world, you’d be getting…”

3. Adopt the “Consultation/Coaching” approach

– Calling your new team member is not only about knowing more about them.  It’s trying to understand where they are coming from.

– You basically are like a “Doctor” – you try to find out all about their pain so that you can prescribe the appropriate solution.

Some questions that you can ask to find out their pain include the following:

These are questions for members who are new to internet marketing:

– What prompted you to opt in to my website?
– How much online marketing have you done?
– What have you heard about Network marketing?
– Why is it that you are looking for a home-based biz app?
– What’s most important to you in a home-based biz app?
– If the perfect opportunity was out there, what would it look like?

Here are some questions for members who have already done some type of marketing/home business:
– How are you currently marketing yourself?
– Up until now, how have you typically obtained leads?
– How has being involved with your current company enabled you to meet the financial goals that you’ve set for yourself?
– Can you tell me a bit about the online marketing experience that you’ve learned from being in this company?
– Being in a home-based business, what kinds of things are most important for you to be able to succeed?

4.  Offering the Solution

You do this by “Telling Your Story.”

“Stories Sell, Facts Tell.”

Your goal is to get them into an imaginatory state. When you convert leads to sales it is important that you take them in a journey. They have to envision what they will get out of it rather then what is possible with it.

You need to lead them down the path of what is possible and what the end goal is, not the way or route to it if that makes sense. The trick is to have them realize this on their own, rather then it being told by you. Persuasion is so much stronger when the person is persuading themselves. It’s all about the sales decision process.

5. Using Close Ended Questions Towards the End of Your Conversation. (The Trial Close.)

So, as you draw near the end of your conversation (i.e. You’ve developed rapport, found out about their pain and showed them that this is the solution to their problem.), here are some “transition phrases” that you can use:

“Does this sound like a system that could help you reach your financial goals that you mentioned earlier?”

“Would you agree that using our system would allow you to no longer chase after friends and family and focus on your individuals who are interested in joining your business?”

Lead generation, targeted marketing campaign strategies, sales funnel management, customer journey representation, sales funnel stages concept. This all leads to you being able to convert leads to sales. If you get a positive answer, great!  Then move towards the next step. If you get a negative answer, then it means there’s still some type of objection and you back up and go over finding and understanding their pain again.

6. The Close

Here are some phrases that you can use to close your conversation and move towards action:

“Sounds to me like we’re ready to move forward.”

“It appears to me that we have green lights here.”

“So, if you have no more questions, lets get you up and running and welcome you to the team.”

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