3 Killer Secret Network Marketing Tips!

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Discover how these 3 secret network marketing tips will have a flood of new reps magnetically and effortlessly attracted to you and your business.

#1: Secret Network Marketing Tips – Increase Your Personal Value Daily…

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By making a commitment to increasing your personal value daily you will be an UNSTOPPABLE force when it comes to magnetically sponsor new reps.

How do you increase your personal value?

1. Read a minimum of 30 minutes daily in your field(personal development & network marketing).
2. Listen to audio for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. Have an audio playing while you are driving (turn your car into a university), Listen while you are working out or while you are cooking. It is amazing how you can turn an activity into valuable productive time!

Take action on both of these daily and you will have a wealth of information your prospects want to hear about.

One of the most important network marketing tips is VALUE. You get paid in direct proportion to the value your provide.

Most important network marketing tips: Your first question before you go to sleep is “How can I provide more value tomorrow?”

The formula for massive results => Value X Quantity of People You Serve = $

Write down these network marketing tips -> INCREASING Your Personal VALUE ! Once you commit to it daily and share it with your prospects your business will become effortless.

Increase your value daily by reading books in your field (including both personal development and network marketing) and turn around and share that information by blogging about it, creating an video, emailing your list, etc.

#2: Create Valuable Content from the Information You Learned Daily -> Blog Daily!

Blogging is an awesome way to share your value and give back to your prospects. The more you give valuable content in the form of blogs and videos if you choose the more prospects will be magnetically attracted to you. This will completely explode your business and attract tons of new leads and prospects to your business.

By blogging you accomplish several things:

1.) You are sharing your personal value with the marketplace
2.) You will magnetically start attracting prospects that want to work with you and your business
3.) Once you learn some basic SEO optimization, you can work towards getting your blog post on the first page of Google and other sites to attract hoards of new leads daily which will result in prospects and new customers for your primary business.

Blogging is so powerful. It is a permanent piece of real estate on the Internet. You will create a flood of leads if you get all in and follow the training to take a top-rated and ranked site and make your blog posts appear in several locations. This is the last stop for all of your network marketing and Internet Marketing Education.

#3: Email Your List 2x Daily! – The Ultimate Network Marketing Tips Exposed

If you haven’t heard yet the money is in the list.

The key is to now email your list 2x daily. It may seem like it is quite a bit but it has been proven that the more your list hears from you the better.

Well no one wants to be constantly be piitched and hit over the head with your business. The fact is nobody cares about your business.

People want to buy but they don’t want to be sold and pitched!

Now that you are blogging daily you can share your blog posts with your email list daily! Powerful! You will be different. You are not providing solutions for the marketplace by passing on your education, content and solutions to your target market’s problems.

Take action on all 3 network marketing tips!

– Increase your value daily (read and listen to audios)
– Blog Daily
– Email your list 2x daily and provide value

Apply these network marketing tips! Be Different, Stand out from the crowd.

95% of network marketers are constantly pitching, cold calling friends and family, hitting up people to try a product on social media.

It is not about your product. It is about YOU and the Value You Provide!


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